Friday, November 10, 2006

Post-it Note holder with pencil

This is a simple yet elegant way to keep your post-it's and pencils close to the phone. It also would make a great gift for a teacher, mother, father, sister brother, etc. ©1999-2006 Stampin' Up!

  • start with an acrylic photo holder.
  • cut cardstock to the correct size and decorate
  • glue post-it pad to the holder (really cool if you can match up the color of the pad to the CS)
  • make matching tag using "polyshrink", shrink using a heat gun (don't forget a hole)
  • attach a few jump rings and, using a needle or sharp piercing tool, attach through the pencil just below the eraser.
Isn't that quick and easy? I found these photo holders at Zellers and Walmart, I am sure your local department stores will carry them too. If you make one, please let me know! I would love to see it.