Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boy it's been a long time!

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. In the meantime, we have had 2 stamper's group meetings and everyone has been asking where the samples are. They are coming, I am trying to finish one of the projects off yet, and the other one, I am trying to finish it so I have more than one sample. OK, I will tell you what they are so you have something to watch for... Our project in November was a cute little mini album that my good friend Blythe made for me. I copied the idea and made one as a sample for the class and now I am working on a "romantic" one for my husband for Valentines. Good thing it is more than a month away yet, by the time that day gets here it will have been 3 months in the making ;)
Ok, December's project was a card holder book, with pockets and a calendar on it so you can keep yourself organized. These turned out great, and I was really hoping to take some photos of some of the great pages that the group did. Unfortunately time did not lend itself and I didn't do it. BUT! I will have my sample uploaded soon.
I was really bad this year and did not send any Christmas Cards. We did manage to take a family photo during the holidays though and my thought is to send "Happy New Year" Cards instead. What do you all think? Now... to just figure out what I will make :)