Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter Mini Swap Cards

Ok, I promised a long time ago that I would upload the Winter Mini Swap cards. I had scanned them all right away with full intentions of doing this but in the meantime I got a new job (with microsoft) and was training for 4 weeks. After that was the act of learning on the job... then 2 more weeks of training during which time I was one of the chosen to become part of the backend ya! another week of yet more training. It was pretty intense, but now I have been working for 2 weeks in my new position, first with IE7 and now with Vista... phew... it is a tough job.

anyways, As I find the cards back on my computer (did some major cleaning and backups in order to install Vista) I will upoad each one just so you can see them yet. Who knows, you might just decide you "gotta have it" LOL. here is the first one, by KA Beaudry

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