Thursday, January 03, 2008

Valentine's Stories

I won!!! do you know what blog candy is? oh my goodness... I will have to do something like this. Ok, here goes... i was surfing the net and linking from blog to blog to get inspiration for my classes this month....Yes, now you all know my secret. I came across a great blog that had such a romantic story on it. You can see Mary Jo's blog here.
Mary Jo jogged my memory of a valentine's story so when I noticed she had a "blog candy" offering and all one had to do was tell their story, I got busy typing. I wasn't really entering the contest, I was so excited about my story... and so here it is for you all to enjoy...

"I have one for you… way back, (i think 23 yrs now) my then boyfriend and I were planning to get married… we were never officially engaged as he had this weird sense that it was too traditional and didn’t like to follow norms… fine with me, we set the date for March 30th… that meant though that I was not wearing an engagement ring either. We did go shopping for wedding rings and never really came to any conclusions except that I kept looking at bands rather than the diamonds…Feb14th, I was at home at my parents and addressing the invitations and he came to pick me up for a “Valentine’s dinner fundraiser” he brought me a single rose in a vase. It was so sweet… but we were late. So I was in a rush to get out the door. We got into his truck and asks me “did you look at the rose?” I answered “of course hun, it is beautiful” he says “no, did you really look at the rose?” Well… even though we were late, I had to run back into the house and there at the base of the rose, was a beautiful diamond engagement ring! i ripped it off the rose (poor rose) and started crying… it was the only one we had looked at months before that actually fit my finger and didn’t need to be adjusted… i will never forget that, and how romantic it was.

I am still wearing this ring, and after almost 23 years (coming up this Feb) the ring is still as beautiful to me as it was the day I got it. Mind you, it has had to be repaired a couple of times and is getting thin, but I will never take it off.

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