Friday, August 01, 2008

Decor Element Sample

Just thought I would share with you where I put my first Decor Elements. I wanted to put this in my stamping room but really, if you have seen my room, there is no place on the walls to put it. I figured above the door is a good spot, perfect size and I look straight at it when I am busy "creating"

My boys decided I needed a letter "C" to put in front so I have ordered and received it, just haven't put it up yet. If you come by my stamp room, be sure to have a peek at it for real.

Oh, and these are super easy to apply. I did have some difficulty with the "dots" however, I have since received some tips and if you plan to get these, I will share them with you. :)
Stampin' Up! has also created both an instruction sheet and a video for applying these.


Anonymous said...

Love the Decor elements- I want that one for my craft room. Will be ordering it in the fall. Have the spot all picked out

Sarah said...

Hey Val,
How are you? Your "create" looks great. I have that one, but haven't put it up yet... but I've put up the "family" and "manhattan flowers" I love the Decor Elements!

Hope you're all having a great summer!!