Monday, October 30, 2006

Tumbled Tiles - October Stamper's Group

October Stampers group was all about Tumbled tiles! These tiles are waterproof and will protect your table surfaces, as well as being absorbant of any condensation or spillage from the glass. These make a wonderful Christmas, House-Warming, Birthday, etc...Gifts!

I purchased the tiles at "Home Depot" in Vernon. The cost was $5.99 for 9 tiles. Supplies:
  • tiles
  • rubbing alcohol/cotton wipe
  • stazon
  • stamps (preferably open images you can color in)
  • pastel chalks
  • blender pens
  • krylon finishing spray (I used matte)
  • vinyl bumpers (I asked for the thingys for preventing banging when the doors close-these are to prevent damage to your tables etc.)

Clean the surface of the tile using rubbing alcohol and cotton. Using Stazon ink, stamp images to tiles. It shouldn't take too long to dry, you can start coloring very shortly. Use your blender pen to pick up chalk (being very careful not to get the entire surface wet as it will ruin your chalk-just use a tiny corner of the chalk) color your images using lighter and darker colors, creating shadows dependant on your image. If you are doing flowers, the outer petals should be lighter and the "natural" shadows should be darker.

After your images are completely colored in, you will want to take your tile outdoors or to a well-ventilated area. Make sure you have covered your surface under the tile. Spray the surface with the Krylon, making sure the entire surface is covered. If need be, you can spray a second time.

Enjoy! I would love it if you want to share the tiles you make, just email them to me or try to upload via the comment box.

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