Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone reading this is having a festive holiday season filled with warmth, friends & family, and lots of love.
We have been celebrating since Sundayafternoon, and I am more than a little relieved to say that as of tomorrow, life will return to the normal least until New Years ;) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas & all that it brings...but after all that, I'm ready for a little bit of dull and quiet oh yeah...and work...
Ok, the new Spring 2008 Catalog has me to get your copy... But that's isn't even the real reason for this post ... Stampin' Up! made an amazing announcement earlier this week and for obvious reasons (see above) I haven't been able to share the news until now:
THIS JUST IN: Due to the strong Canadian Dollar, Stampin' Up! has announced a price reduction! You will notice in the new catalogue that prices are already lower, but after another study, Stampin' Up! has decided to reduce them a further 7%, effective January 2nd, 2008!
Catalogues were printed before this decision could be finalized, so price lists will be made available with each catalogue for easy customer reference. New prices will be listed in the on-line catalogue (which will be available for viewing on Wednesday, January 2nd - just go to the link on my website on Wednesday to see it first-hand!)
This price change will be in effect for the duration of the Spring & Summer Catalog, which runs from January 2nd until June 30th, 2008.
This is also good news for Workshop Hostesses - the Hostess Benefits Chart will also be revised on January 2nd, which means that the minimum sales amount required to receive hostess bennies will be LOWERED from $225 to $200!!
And if you ever thought of purchasing the Demonstrator Starter Kit (either just for yourself, or to launch your own home business), then January is THE time to do it: on January 2nd the starter kit price will be reduced from $275 to $260, PLUS Stampin' Up! is offering an additional 10% off the kit price to new demonstrators in Canada through a promotional code offered in the Winter 07/08 issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine (just check the magazine's back cover to find the promo code...)

That is about all my exciting news for this posting...Enjoy the snow...and holidays...

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